5 Ways To Preserve And Protect Your Business Data

Folks in business computer services spend a lot of time helping customers try to recover lost data. There are a variety of reasons data can be lost, including equipment failures, viruses, and even human error. A business computer support provider, however, can assist you in preserving and protecting your data. Here are five ways to do it.

Redundant Storage Hardware

The standard solution for hardware redundancy when it comes to storage is what's known as a RAID array. Normally, your storage components on your computers, such as hard drives and SSDs, are single parts. A RAID array fixes this problem by spreading your data out across several drivers. It then keeps redundant copies of your files on those drives, allowing you to replace drives in the array as they fail and without losing anything.

On-Site Backups

Another solution is to have servers at your business that store data. For example, many graphic design businesses have dedicated servers that store the project files for their clients' jobs. Not only does this protect the files, but it also makes them more accessible to team members across your local network. For added benefit, your backups and file servers can also be configured with RAID arrays.

The Cloud

Remotely hosting files is another way to protect your data. The cloud refers to an entire class of computing solutions that move traditional functions off-site. Clouds are designed to spread copies of files out across many servers, making it close to impossible to wipe a single bit of data out. A major plus to using the cloud is that it also allows easy and secure remote accessibility.


Software is available to keep tabs on what version of a file you're currently using. This can make a huge difference because you can restore to an older version if something bad happens. For example, someone might make a ton of unwanted revisions to a file and then save it. In a traditional environment, you may be stuck with the messed-up version. With versioning in place, you can go back to the version from before all of the edits were performed.


Strictly managing who even has the right to read a file is the best way to prevent folks from creating trouble. A properly designed system should have the amount of authority needed to let an admin get things done while providing the least amount of authority to everyone else.

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