2 Signs Your Computer Is Infected With A Virus

While attempting to use your computer, you may have noticed that it has started acting sluggish or is crashing and requires restarting. If so, there is a good chance that your computer has been infected with a virus. However, since these could also be signs of other issues, such as low memory, you should also look for other signs of a virus infection on your computer, such as the ones discussed below.

1.  Files on Your Computer Mysteriously Disappear

One sign that your computer may be infected with a virus is that you start noticing that files have started to mysteriously disappear. This is especially true if you have not recently uninstalled a program or made major modifications to your computer.

At first, you may see a few simple files disappear, such as image files or documents. However, as the virus starts to spread deeper into your hard drive, core files that are necessary for pertinent programs may start disappearing or even becoming corrupted.

As a result, you may either have difficulty using these programs without them crashing or you may be unable to open and use them at all. Eventually, if the virus reaches your hard drive or motherboard, your computer may start crashing every time you try to boot it up, or it may even stop working at all.

2.  Pop-ups Start Showing Up Even When Your Browser Is Closed

You may be used to having pop-ups show up when you are browsing the internet, and you may even have a pop-up blocker. However, if your computer has a virus, you may start seeing pop-ups on your screen even if you do not have your browser opened.

When this starts to happen, the virus may contain malware or rogueware that is trying to get you to interact with it. Whatever you do, do not click on anything in these pop-ups, even if they say you have a virus that requires attention. If you do interact with any of these pop-ups, it could cause a chain reaction within your computer that spreads the malicious software extremely fast.

If you suspect that your computer has a virus, you could try to get rid of it yourself by using cleaning software or even by resetting your computer. However, some viruses are not treatable with these methods, and they may hide within your hard drive and reinfect your computer. When you have a virus, it is better to consult with a business that offers computer repair services so that they can use more in-depth methods of clearing out the virus and fixing any damage it may have caused.

For more information, contact a company that offers computer repair services.